Thursday, August 19, 2010


Have you ever started listening to a split album because you know and like one of the bands on it, and then figured out just how world meltingly awesome the other band is just by accidentally letting it play through? well I have, when I started listening to the Asunder/Graves at Sea split because of the Asunder album "A Clarion Call" which, by the way, pretty much defines the sub genre of cosmic sludge, and should be appreciated in all its glorious void calling, mind bending, psychedelic wonder. Here it is. But Imagine my surprise when after listening to Asunder's track "whited Sepulcher" on this split, I heard the first Graves at Sea track "Pariah" and it blew my face off. Listen!

This insane stoner doom sludgy mess of extremely down-tuned guitars, stoppy-starty slowed down but still surprisingly technical drum techniques, and hysterical, "tidings of great peril" vocal stylings is seriously the best thing of this kind out there. Hurry the fuck up and listen to it.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Do you love crazy melodic crust from Portland with face-destroying bass and limited use of violins? Could you learn to love it? Remains of the day released a couple of albums, an EP, and a split with Keitzer. Download my favourite album of theirs here.